About Raven

An experienced dancer, yogi, acrobat, and massage therapist, Raven has spent thousands of hours exploring the depths and possibilities of his own physical experience and expression. As a teacher, he constantly strives to distill these thousands of hours of training and practice into easily accessible steps and processes that mean he can offer you gateways to awesome new movement and awareness breakthroughs!

With over 14 years of teaching, performing, and training experience across Australia (and soon to be the world!), Raven draws from a wide menu of tasty movement modalities including partner acrobatics, breakdancing, yoga, classical dance, Feldenkrais, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, and Thai Massage. Currently specialising in acroyoga and ‘the art of getting upside down’, Raven has trained and taught with some of the best in the world, and was the creative director and leader of Australia’s first AcroYoga Flashmob in Melbourne in 2016. The Nourishing Nomad’s mission: To nourish bodies, minds, and souls with conscious, inspired, safe and satisfying movement, play, and physical connection. Anywhere, anytime, all the time!