Nourishing bodies and minds with conscious & inspired movement, play, and physical connection.

About Raven

An experienced dancer, yogi, acrobat, and massage therapist, Raven has spent thousands of hours exploring the depths and possibilities of his own physical experience and expression. As a teacher, he constantly strives to distill these thousands of hours of training and practice into easily accessible steps and processes that mean he can offer you gateways to awesome new movement and awareness breakthroughs!

With over 14 years of teaching, performing, and training experience across Australia (and soon to be the world!), Raven draws from a wide menu of tasty movement modalities including partner acrobatics, breakdancing, yoga, classical dance, Feldenkrais, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, and Thai Massage. Currently specialising in acroyoga and ‘the art of getting upside down’, Raven has trained and taught with some of the best in the world, and was the creative director and leader of Australia’s first AcroYoga Flashmob in Melbourne in 2016. The Nourishing Nomad’s mission: To nourish bodies, minds, and souls with conscious, inspired, safe and satisfying movement, play, and physical connection. Anywhere, anytime, all the time!



Acro Yoga


Yoga, Partner Acrobatics and Massage come together in one dynamic, responsive, complete body/mind/soul practice.

Through Acro Yoga, partners and groups come together in learning how to trust ourselves and each other, we experience internal and external connection, develop conscious communication, and explore new creative ways to play. We find new found levels of strength and flexibility along the way.






Breaking is an inspired, imaginative, ever evolving mixture of Martial Arts, Capoiera, Kung Fu, Yoga, Latin Dance, African Dance, Russian Dance, Lindy Hop, Charleston Swing, and Hip Hop, Soul, and Funk.

Breaking is an extremely intelligent and imaginative way of moving, and offers a huge array of patterns and possibilities not found in any other forms of movement.





The Art of Getting Upside Down: A progressive Body Awareness training method to explore, improve, and enjoy more freedom in your body and life.

A way of moving in harmony with gravity, flowing onto the ground or into the air, we discover unknown potential and hidden talents. Drawing from many disciplines including but not limited to: Breakdance, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Martial Arts & Acrobatics.



Current Adventures

As of March 2017, The Nourishing Nomad is being true to his name and is traveling the world with not much more than a backpack and a pocket full of awesome skills!

To find out exactly where he’s up to, connect on social media or email. Current stops include:

7-week West Coast of Australia Tour, Acro Immersion Retreat in Lombok, a tour of Malaysia, and a European Tour. Specific destinations to come!

If you’d like Raven to visit you and your friends with some of his movement magic, get in touch!


For Booking/Inquiries  email thenourishingnomad(at), or connect with Raven on





Raven has the ability to demystify acro, which allowed me to gain skills and confidence. He has patience, always listened and made sure that I engaged with the practice, rather than just teaching a set of moves.

W. Morgan

Raven is one of the calmest and kindest teachers I’ve ever met, he has such a wonderful talent for bringing out the best in people’s abilities in his classes. If you ever get a chance to work or train with him, do it!

C. Joy